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Honestly happy this was out side my building this morning. We all, especially Americans, need to be aware of what is happening in Palestine. Solidarity

We are neighbors.

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and every age since, actually. I haven’t had a good year since I left northwest Indiana.

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Unicorn Pills can’t stop running

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I put up some new drawings late Friday afternoon.

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Music Festivals

This is great because I’ve thought the latter since before I was 21. born old, die old

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3rd Year Degree Show. I’ve decided to put in my pigeon wing chandelier. The wings are silkscreen on paper. 

             Artists on tumblr

gonna make this. show me some wings, please

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20th February, Kiev. 100+ deaths, more than 1000+ injured person.

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You want a definition of bravery? Here it is. Let’s stop calling the people protestors, because this is no longer a #protest. This is a #revolution and they are revolutionaries. #ukraine #kiev #2014 #maidan #euromaidan #thepeople by jnseals

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#Ukraine #Kiev #euro #maidan #2014 #беркут #титушки #киев #майдан #украина #pray #февраль #february #revolution #euromaidan #евромайдан #правий #EC by nadyunenka

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I’m following a lot of Chicago blogs and a couple of Ukrainian blogs, and some days I’m having trouble deciding where the photos were taken until I see the tags. it’s cold here, it sucks here, but it’s really cold and really really sucky there, and somehow the photos just level everything out.

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Rocko’s Modern Life


Rocko’s Modern Life

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My day instantly gets 100x better whenever 1979 comes on the radio while im driving

by accident or even when it’s on the cd/playlist even when I know it’s coming, when it happens its still fucking great

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